Friday, 15 April 2011

The Veridian: Prologue

I bet you have a day in your life which is more memorable than any other. Perhaps it was the day that you saw your first concert, or the day that you had your first kiss. But, can you remember the date?

I can.

Friday 2 October 2009 is etched in my memory as the day my life changed forever. That was the day I discovered that I was not just an average eighteen-year-old law student. It was the day I discovered that my life had a purpose –a calling– far removed from anything I could ever have comprehended.

Even now, over a year later, being a Veridian still feels like some kind of cruel practical joke. 


Visualise a world full of truth and purity, where evil is punished and good rewarded. A world where, almost as certainly as day follows night, people instinctively turn away from darkness and towards the light. A place where about your biggest decision each morning is what to wear, or what to eat for breakfast.

Sound familiar? This is probably the world you know. This is the world I thought I knew too.       

Now imagine being told that the world you know –that safe and familiar world– is a lie. That each and every soul on Earth is wide-open to being corrupted by darkness.  Not just corrupted, but irrevocably changed. Damned even. 

 Picture a world where guardian angels really do exist. A world of ancient Prophecia rule. Where, as a Veridian, you are responsible for protecting each and every soul and preventing its guardian from vanishing, forever. 

Now envisage finding out that your family have lied to you your whole life; that they knew who you really were and purposefully kept it from you. 

Just stop for a second and think.  How would you feel?

This is my world –the world that I, Ellie Montgomery, live in.  This is the world that you live in too. You just don’t know it yet.

We Veridian are good at keeping secrets, but that is about to change...

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